White girl dating filipino

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There seem to be a few Pinoys whose fantasy is to have a relationship with a white girl - but not many who would marry one - apart from you, and the guy I know!

Check out this thread for some more 'insights' into Caucasian girls By the way - if you want to meet one I'd suggest you get over to Europe, Australia or the US as we're in abundance over this side of the world!! If it can be moved to Buhay Pinoy, then by all means move this there!

Seriously mas madali pa kausap mga puti, another thing is mas open sila sa interracial relationships even at a young age than pinays.

But I love my wife so much and she loves me even more.

So we hanged on tightly and patiently to each other.

I guess she really did changed most of my views of the world and I changed hers as well.

I love my wife, if she would have been a Filipina or an African or a German or any other "...ans", I would love her all the same... Western women doesn't dig macho man type (siga ako sa baryo namin, ASTIG AKO).

Some pointers for Filipinos (as in those born and raised in the Philippines) who are dating or about to date Western women: 1. If you keep on talking about these, you will get dumped and left on the sidewalk. Act like a man, don't be shy or don't be too careful not to embarasse yourself. They like it when you embarase yourself sometimes for their sake. Don't be too "gentleman" (Opening a can of soda for her, carrying her handbag, etc.). Don't you ever try to tell them not to wear their tiny bikini because you think it's too revealing (See pointers 5 and 6).

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