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To be quite honest if someone came with a tester and told me that this is a new perfume from Bershka costing 3,99€ for a 30ml bottle I would totally believe him. Life is too short for such a boring and basic perfume. Just another blue sport cologne I smelled better that are less expensive Nothing special especially considering the price. The most overrated and most forgettable best seller of all time.Girl bye, right along with D&G Light Blue, and Versace Eau Fraiche overpriced crowd pleasers. It smells pleasant, but it has 0 uniqueness or character. I really don't understand why people buy it at this price. I first purchased Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum because I read it's the way to go. However, just recently I tested the Eau de Toilette and then I learned that I easily prefer it over the EDP.I live in Toronto, and I’ve recently noticed that this smells amazing in the winter and unpleasant in the summer. I prefer to wear bleu de chanel EDT in fall and winter.I used to dislike this because I found the grapefruit to be harsh and irritating to the nostrils; however, in the crisp winter air it smells perfectly balanced. Personally I recommend the EDP over the EDT and I would wear Dior sauvage very cool spray in warmer weather.So, the scent is great, very versatile, has 10 hours longevity, but the sillage is totally average. Versatility: 3/5 (Late spring , summer & anywhere). I personally sold this one after purchasing sauvage because I find the performance of this one to be underwhelming... it's a classic timeless fragrance, almost every store will tell you it's their best seller. it's literary the most expensive designer fragrance you can buy (By desiner i mean not niche). The overall smell is without any character, no personnality. BDC To me, when I smell this fragrance on others... Now it's just sitting in my drawer and never worn since I moved back to tropical country. It has very distinctive heavy sillage that I can instantly recognize on anyone who is wearing it. It projects an aura of being cheap and unprofessional.- spring/summer/fall, day/night time scent, very versatile - sillage just moderate. Sauvages opening is nicer than Bleu's IMO and therefore I prefer it because I find both Bleu and Sauvage's dry downs to be mediocre.. Women love it, it's very fresh, as fresh as you can get. it also has lots of positive reviews from youtubers, so, if you feel like being an Arrogant French snob ,making fun of other peoples cheap colognes, this is the one for you. If i could describe it quickly i would say: standard good smell but thats all. It is the smell of garbage men, of broken promise, and of self-denial. It makes me feel like I'm being punished for not measuring up.Absolutely love this fragrance - except for the fact that there's something very sharp/astringent in here that gives me a massive headache.

بخاتٌ سخية تغرّق بالعطر لا تكن بخيلاً حتى يحيطك بهالة عطرية عريضة كدلافينٍ تقفز و تتطاير حول سفينةٍ وهي تشقّ عرض المحيط ..

You're better off saving your money and getting a Ferragamo for a third of the price Great scent, but nothing special, therefore a little bit overrated. I am tottaly indiferent to this masculine fragrance. I agree that the EDP has more depth to it but to me it's just the composition that works better on the EDT, for me. Girls like it although where I live you barely ever get a compliment for any scent except from people you sleep with :-) Anyway, it's an easy scent which might come over as boring.

Opens with a cool grapefruit scent with a hint of mint, lemon and incense. Few minutes later the ginger and the strong nutmeg notes arrive, but the citrusy notes still detectable. I love the smell however there is zero uniqueness to it... To me this is the safest cologne you could ever wear. But it's nice to wear at all time, beautiful scent, and for it's simplicity and the energetic vibe I just love it.

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel is a woody aromatic fragrance for men which will hit the shelves in 2010. The fragrance features labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli, mint, jasmine, grapefruit, citruses, vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper.

After shave lotion with innovative splash formula is also on the market.

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