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It was known as Yamurgi during Ottoman rule between 1566–1829.On 9 July 1956, a very large earthquake occurred that generated a local tsunami of up to 30 m (98 ft).With the later types, sculptors tended to render this feature with incised lines.'Dokathismata Cycladic figurines' date from a somewhat later period of 2400–2100 BC.) is the easternmost island of the Cyclades island group, and the nearest island to the neighboring Dodecanese island group in Greece.Along with several neighboring islets, the largest of which is Nikouria Island, it comprises the municipality of Amorgos, which has a land area of 126.346 square kilometres (48.782 square miles), Due to Amorgos' position opposite the ancient beaches of Ionian towns, such as Militos, Alikarnassos and Ephesos, it became one of the first places from which the Ionians passed through to the Cyclades Islands and onto the Greek mainland.Aigiali was on the north East Side of the island close to the present day locations of Tholaria and Stroumvos and to this day can still be found there.

Valerie realized that sex was wrecking her life right around the time her second marriage disintegrated.Compared to the statuettes of the Spedos type—the most common and renowned type of figurines featuring finely modeled and somewhat rounded shapes—the statuettes of the Dokathismata type tend to have a more slender and sometimes angular silhouette.Part of the island is named Aspis, where the ancient temple of the goddess Aphrodite stood.Cycladic sculptures had been discovered from the cemeteries at Aghia Paraskevi, Aghios Pavlos, Dokathismata, Kapros, Kapsala, Nikouria and Stavros.'Kapsala Cycladic figurines', dating around 2700 B. This is the earliest of the 'canonical types' – a reclining female with folded arms.

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