Updating kitchen lighting

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Are easy to retrofit: Add them to any base cabinet anytime; add drawers typically only when the base cabinet is made.

Are better for storing small items: Low sides let you see inside and take stock of foodstuffs; also, the height between trays is adjustable, allowing for extra rollouts.

• May stand out 4 inches beyond typical counter depth.

• ,000–,000 sticker price Induction uses an electro-magnetic field to heat stainless-steel or cast-iron cookware.

Choose one with a flat bottom, to keep glasses from tipping, and a drain placed toward the back of the basin so that it won't get stoppered by a stack of dirty dishes.

For rollouts, you open the doors first, then pull the tray.

Are better for storing large cookware: Rollouts are slightly smaller, and low sides don't corral tall items as well; they tend to fall overboard if you pull the tray too fast.

Dust-free finishing rooms also provide a smooth-as-glass surface.

For task light, pick one of these low-voltage strips or pucks.

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