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Masturbation is haram too (I can't disallow myself this either as I will be likely to sin).Most Muslim girls are too embarrassed to discuss this or even acknowledge the fact that they are attracted to the opposite sex and may have "sinful thoughts".I know Islam forbids premarital sex and adhere to that but I'd like to know how other girls have struggled with this?We aren't marrying as early as people used to so more challenges and frustration is experienced.Have any other Muslim ever experienced any issues regarding sexual desires? On 7 January 2015, gunmen stormed the offices of French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 employees and wounding several others in an attack by terrorists who reportedly said they were avenging the prophet Muhammad.

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This will leave a mark so be careful where you do it! 'Guilt associated with sex is drummed into women from childhood,' she explained.

Muslim childrenshould not be expected to participate incommunal showering," the guidance said.

Sex education, the council said, should be insingle-sex groups with a teacher of the same sexand should reflect "Islamic moral perspectives".

It added: "Many of these issues relate to aspectsof schooling such as collective worship, communal changing, swimming, halal meals and sexeducation.

It is essential that positive account is taken of the faith dimension of Muslim pupils in education and schooling."Unfortunately Muslim pupils are sometimesplaced in situations where they feel pressuredinto acting contrary to their beliefs and conscience and also experience Islamophobic sentiments and comments within schools."It said that in the vast majority of primaryschools, boys and girls change for PE together."Muslim children are likely to exhibit resistanceto this sort of compromising and immodest exposure, but are often pressurised to conform toinstitutional norms which do not take account oftheir own or their parents’ beliefs and values."The council said schools could consider building"separate changing facilities that include individual changing cubicles"."Islam forbids nakedness in front of others orbeing among others who are naked.

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