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As a result, some festivals are held on 7 July, some are held on a few days around 7 August (according to the "One-Month Delay" way), while the others are still held on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the traditional Japanese lunisolar calendar, which is usually in August in the Gregorian Calendar.The Gregorian dates of "the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Japanese lunisolar calendar" for the coming years are: Large-scale Tanabata festivals are held in many places in Japan, mainly along shopping malls and streets, which are decorated with large, colorful streamers.Orihime and Hikoboshi are called various names in the different versions of the story.Tanabata-tsume Me-Tanabata-sama Asagao-hime ("Morning Glory Princess") Ito-ori-hime ("Thread-Weaving Princess") Momoko-hime ("Peach-Child Princess") Takimono-hime ("Incense Princess") Sasagani-hime ("Spider Princess") , small pieces of paper, and hanging them on bamboo, sometimes with other decorations (see also Wish Tree).The name Tanabata is remotely related to the Japanese reading of the Chinese characters 七夕, which used to be read as "Shichiseki" (see explanation about the various kanji readings).It is believed that a Shinto purification ceremony existed around the same time Like Qixi and Chilseok, Tanabata was inspired by the famous Chinese folklore story, "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl".When the two met, they fell instantly in love with each other and married shortly thereafter.However, once married, Orihime no longer would weave cloth for Tentei and Hikoboshi allowed his cows to stray all over Heaven.

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Her father loved the cloth that she wove and so she worked very hard every day to weave it.

It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively).

According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea often celebrates the Tanabata Festival featuring a greeting parade with Mickey as Altair and Minnie as Vega.

The Sendai festival began shortly after the city was founded in the early Edo Period.

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