Dating language love in czech republic

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Prague, with the oldest university north of the Alps (Charles University, 1348), functioned as a royal and imperial capital.However, German colonization, which soon accounted for one-third of the total population and disadvantaged the majority Czechs, brought the seeds of discontent, resulting in an ugly, insolvable conflict in the 20th century.The country is rich in mineral springs, and groundwater reserves are extensively used.The soil profile of the Czech Republic consists of some rich, black chernozems and good-quality brown soils in the drier and lower areas.

Emasculated, Czechoslovakia succumbed to direct German invasion six months later.

Wenceslas) and manor houses dot the landscape and medieval town centres abound.

During its 1,000-year history, the country has changed shape and reshuffled its population.

Bohemia and Moravia became a protectorate of the “Greater German Empire,” while Slovakia—whose Hungarian districts were ceded to Hungary—was induced by Hitler to proclaim its independence.

After six years of brutal Nazi occupation (with its legacy of the Holocaust and the postwar mass expulsion of some three million Bohemian and Slovak [Carpathian] Germans), Czechoslovakia was reconstituted, this time without Ruthenia (Transcarpathian Ukraine), which was annexed by the Soviet Union.

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